Sunday, April 27, 2014

Event Number Two, Finally.

On Friday, April 25 I went to the first annual Student Expo here at Richard Bland College of William and Mary. I'm not sure how anyone feels like it went, but it didn't really seem organized to me. Everyone was just wandering everywhere. I guess that's what was supposed to happen, like to go around and look at other people's presentations or artwork or whatever they brought there. Which is another thing I was confused about. I got an email saying to vote by seven o'clock that Friday night for which presentation/project you thought was the best and name the category it was would A: that even be fair because people were coming and going all day & there's no way to have seen a fair amount to "judge" from, B: how would you even know what the categories were because when you went to vote it was fill in the blanks, & C: since the voting was fill in the blank, how would the analyzer of the votes know if the project even existed, &how would the voter know the "name" of the project or presenter. All in all, the Expo met my expectations to the fullest of being a big, unorganized, jumbled mess. Thank you to the people who stopped by and cared to listen to my strange speech that changed every time I told it about "Canines and Their Roles in Society". Hope to see this go better next year...If there is a "Second" annual one that is.

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  1. I agree they should've organized the event better and it was inconvenient to have it in the library since it was school hours and people needed the computers. I thought maybe the should've had it in the gym rather than the library. Other than that I enjoyed the Expo and what students had to present. It's a good thing RBC had this event involving students and showing off their research and design.