Sunday, April 27, 2014

Event Number Two, Finally.

On Friday, April 25 I went to the first annual Student Expo here at Richard Bland College of William and Mary. I'm not sure how anyone feels like it went, but it didn't really seem organized to me. Everyone was just wandering everywhere. I guess that's what was supposed to happen, like to go around and look at other people's presentations or artwork or whatever they brought there. Which is another thing I was confused about. I got an email saying to vote by seven o'clock that Friday night for which presentation/project you thought was the best and name the category it was would A: that even be fair because people were coming and going all day & there's no way to have seen a fair amount to "judge" from, B: how would you even know what the categories were because when you went to vote it was fill in the blanks, & C: since the voting was fill in the blank, how would the analyzer of the votes know if the project even existed, &how would the voter know the "name" of the project or presenter. All in all, the Expo met my expectations to the fullest of being a big, unorganized, jumbled mess. Thank you to the people who stopped by and cared to listen to my strange speech that changed every time I told it about "Canines and Their Roles in Society". Hope to see this go better next year...If there is a "Second" annual one that is.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


So I totally forgot to mention in my rambling blogs that I went to Maymont Park with three of my sisters like two-ish weeks ago. Before we went my sisters that were already there kept calling me and my other sister to hurry up, and when we answered the phone we told them we were on the way...we weren't. We had to go get the Mustang I was driving at the time washed at Flagstop, and we were waiting for that. So, they just thought it took us forever to get there. I really hate driving north on I95 once you get to where the lanes get tiny in Richmond. And then I've never had to go through a toll before on my way to Maymont but I did that time. Thank god my mom had an EZpass in the mustang or I would have been sad that I had to pay the toll. I think I went to far on the interstate. Then when we got off the exit, my sister was giving me directions off of her phone's GPS thing, and she definitely told me the wrong way. She took me to the Maymont like elementary school or something. I guess her phone thought that the playground was a park. Anyways, it wasn't that far off, we were only like a street away. We got there and I had never noticed the house that is actually in the park until that day. I think people live in there, I'm not sure. Someone also told me that some house or something is used in some TV series there, but I don't really remember what it was. We climbed up to the back of the bear habitat on the hill so we could get closer to the weird bear that was pacing the top of its mountain thing. I wish they were friendly, they look so soft. When we went down to where the koi fish are, the Japanese garden thing, there were some people doing like a weird little make-shift photo shoot. They were wearing clothes made out of duct tape. I'm assuming maybe they were like high school seniors doing some prom scholarship thing or something. I found a piece of bread covered in ants, and threw it in the water to watch a fish come eat it. We saw a lot of small fish too. I poked a fish with long stick and it got scared and swam away. There were a lot of turtles in there too. Finally, we made it up the big, hilly trail up to the entrance that we had came in to get back to parking area that we parked at. We sat in the gazebo and discussed where we wanted to go eat at. We picked some strange Italian restaurant that I don't even remember the name of and we decided we didn't want to eat there anymore so we politely got up and left. Then, we decided we all just wanted Taco Bell. So, that is where we went. We ordered so much food, ate it, and then we all split back up until next time. See ya later.

Busy Busy Busy...

The end of this semester for me has seemed so rushed. I am trying to finish up the papers that I started and never returned to. I have to start the last one, and I have started a new job that continues to conflict with my class time. This Friday is the First Annual Student Expo, and I have yet to complete the paper that I will be using for my presentation. I think I have an idea of how I will create my interactive aspect of it though. I have been writing about dogs and their role in society, in somewhat reference to the Greyhound poem that we read this semester. I took my lab final yesterday for anatomy and I don't think it went well. I hope there will be an opportunity for additional credit to be given for the lab grade. Speaking of bad things, my car has been in the shop for almost a month now after I got into a car accident. Which if you didn't know I got a new car, like 2012 new, and I was on my way in for service and I got hit on stupid Courthouse Road in Midlothian. I hate Chesterfield. So I've been driving my gas guzzling jeep and I've put hundreds of dollars in gas in it since I've been driving that big thing again. Oh, and I'm behind on blogs. Clearly because I haven't shut up in this one yet. Did I mention I'm sitting in Martin's using their Wifi because mine is so freaking slow. I think we have like twoish maybe less more weeks of classes left, and I'm ready for summer. I ate some chicken tenders with honey mustard from the cafe while I was sitting here. I also had these roasted, loaded potatoes (the best potatoes EVER!). Apparently it's supposed to rain this afternoon.  Good thing I got my glasses to drive home from work tonight in the rain. Without them I can't see anything. I hope I make enough money in the next two weeks in tips to pay my rent. That would be nice. Doubt it'll happen, but it'd be nice. I don't think anyone is really going to read all this, so I'm just typing to type. Too bad this will probably be one of the blogs that I turn in with my portfolio, since it is so long. Oh hey, so about that screenplay Se7en, yeah I can't really follow that. I get way too distracted trying to figure out what the other stuff on the page means. Good thing I don't think I'll be really referring to that one too much in any of my papers. There was a shooting yesterday outside the National Zoo in Washington D.C..  A ferry sank off the coast of Korea or something. People Died, a lot of people. I wish they would find that plane that disappeared. That is all. Salt goes on the right side of the pepper, if you didn't know. Blind people know that, so don't mix them up. They will be angry. Bye.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

"Ketchup" Day

Evidently, today is Catch Up day in class. So if anyone who's not here right now is wondering what we did today, we caught up on stuff that we needed to catch up on. Being the fact that seven people showed up, one left and there's only like what...six sitting here not including myself and including Sweeny. I'm apparently chronically behind on my blog posting and I'm trying to make sure that they are at least two hundred words now. I plan on going to the Student Expo on April 25th at nine o'clock in the morning; which sucks since I normally get to sleep in a little bit later on Friday. I also haven't done my beyond class assignments so that will be one of those for me. I still haven't written the second essay. Every time I think I know what I want to write about and I try to start prewriting, my mind goes blank and I have no clue where I was going with my thoughts. However, I have written the first one but I lost the prewriting. It's somewhere in one of my ten different notebooks that I randomly switch between. I should probably stick to one. Oh! And I have written my process memos. The end...

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Well, if you haven't noticed I'm posting back to back because I have been slacking on the blogging thing. I don't even have social media to begin with, well I have an Instagram but I don't typically post on it, and I have a twitter but I don't even have the app downloaded on my phone. So like I was saying, I don't even use social media for the most part and I just totally forget about blogging. I got a better about it last semester when I downloaded the blogger app, it made it a lot more convenient. It was especially cool like when I went to New York, or did my out of class experience things because you could upload pictures straight off your phone onto your posts. If you don't have the app and you feel like you're not really fitting blogging into your schedule, you should most definitely download the app. It's free! :)

The Glass Menagerie

I'm definitely going to have to re read this whole thing. I'm so lost with this play. I really can't follow the movie. I think it's because it's so old. I can't seem to even pay attention to it when I'm reading it. Hopefully any small questions I have about it will be able to be answered by Google or something. I really hate to ask questions when I feel like I'm the only one not getting this. I hate reading old timey stuff. What's a menagerie anyways? I'm gonna have to look that one up as well I suppose.

Essay #1 - Rough Draft…..

So, I just had to re-do my whole rough draft for my character analysis essay (essay #1). For whatever reason my computer did not want to save the original, and it has been lost since then. I don't really feel that my new one is as good as the first one. I actually don't even feel like it is even on my writing level. It sounds like a child's writing to me. I hope I can spice it up a little as I'm writing the final in just a little bit. I haven't really had much time to put into my "Glass Menagerie" essay. I need to re-read the whole first half, I'm quite lost with this play. Oh, and I didn't mention that I did my first essay on "How to Become a Writer", but that's what I did it on.